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The only thing more infuriating than a broken HVAC system is having to wait around all day for a professional HVAC technician to arrive to solve the problem. Especially during the peak of Summer or on the coldest Winter day. It’s no wonder why some people turn their HVAC repairs into DIY projects, especially with broader access to YouTube video tutorials and DIY blogs. Read...
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It’s easy to take our comfort for granted, to get used to the smooth operation of our HVAC system, day in and day out. You may not even think about your heating or cooling system on a regular basis, but it’s important to pay attention to unusual symptoms, like smells, noise and sudden temperature changes, as these can indicate common problems with HVAC systems. You...
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“Should I repair or replace my HVAC system?” This is one of the most common HVAC questions we hear and a question that every homeowner will have to consider at one point or another. No two situations are alike and there are several things that will factor into your decision. Here’s is Pro-Tech HVAC Home’s guide to decide!
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The HVAC industry is stuffed full of jargon and vocabulary unfamiliar to the average consumer. Without an understanding of key terms like AFUE and SEER, it is nearly impossible to make an educated, informed furnace or air conditioner purchase. To help you learn the lingo and gain a little insight into the industry we love, here is a thorough list of HVAC terms and definitions.
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The best way to size up your home’s heating and cooling needs before HVAC installation is via a Manual J Load Calculation. If you have no idea what this is or how it benefits your home, don’t worry. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the process and its impact on your home comfort.
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We offer new installation, replacement and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems in the Annapolis area. Our customers rely on us for honest and reliable service for air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, Mitsubishi systems, and more. We’re happy to answer questions, troubleshoot, and help you choose the best HVAC system for you and your family.

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