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6 Tips to Help Your AC Function in Extreme Heat

Extreme heat usually feels unbearable, especially during these Summer months in Maryland. With temperatures expected to reach the upper 90’s this week, it’s safe to say the Summer heat wave is here! 

Because cooling systems are only designed to keep your home up to 15-20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature, once that outdoor temperature soars above the 90º level, you can expect to feel a few degrees of inconsistency with the indoor cooling temperature. In addition to this, you can also expect the system to run a lot more than normal — near continuous in some instances.

What Does This Mean for Your AC?

Don’t fret it when it feels like your air conditioner isn’t quite reaching the temperature you set it to; this is completely normal for these hot, hot days. As long as you can feel cool air coming from your vents, your air conditioner is doing it’s job to cool your home as best as it can.

Here are 6 things you can easily do to combat the extra heat in your home:

#1: Use Your Windows To Your Advantage.

Over 75% of the sunlight that comes through a standard, double-pane window becomes heat inside your home (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). You can prevent this easily by simply keeping your curtains and blinds closed throughout the day.

#2: Use Your Ceiling Fans.

A ceiling fan redistributes the heat in the room in which it is located, and this can make you feel warmer or cooler. It all depends on the direction in which the fan rotates. During the Summer months, your ceiling fan blades should spin counterclockwise. By spinning in this direction, your fan creates a cool breeze by pushing air down and takes some of the stress off your AC. You’ll find that the room feels up to four degrees cooler and stays consistent throughout the day. Plus, you can increase your air conditioner temperature by two to three degrees thanks to the fan’s cool down.

#3: Adjust the Thermostat While You’re Away. 

If you are away at work or on vacation, there is no need to keep your AC system running at full speed. Increase your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees so your AC isn’t  working hard while you’re out

Installing a smart thermostat will make adjusting the indoor temperature even easier because you can schedule the setting to increase while you’re away for the day. With the ability to control the thermostat from your smartphone, you can easily adjust the temperature to a cooler setting before arriving home. 

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#4: Don’t Use Appliances on Extremely Hot Days.

Did someone say “let’s go out to dinner”? Not using the stove, dishwasher or dryer on extremely hot days will help keep your home cooler by simply not introducing heat into an already warm environment. Isn’t summer a great time to use the grille and cook outdoors? Who doesn’t love a good BBQ!?! If you do need to use these appliances, try limiting their use to certain times of the day when the outside temperatures are cooler and your AC unit isn’t working overtime to cool your home.

#5: Give Your Outdoor Unit Some Shade!

If your air conditioner’s outdoor unit (AKA. the condenser) is located in a shady spot, it won’t have to work as hard to cool air as it would in direct sunlight. In a pinch, you can put up an outdoor umbrella to cast some shade on the unit. You can also consider installing a fixed or retractable awning or some landscaping to provide shade. Just make sure the unit has at least one foot of horizontal clearance and five feet of vertical clearance.

#6: Change Your Air Filter.

Your air filter is one of the most vital maintenance pieces of your whole AC system. The air filter controls the quality and flow of the air your system receives. It must receive enough airflow to process and cool the air, and it must receive CLEAN air. If you don’t replace your air filter regularly, your system will not work efficiently OR correctly. An exceptionally clogged filter can impact the way your system runs; slowing it down, and making the airflow feel weaker.

Replace your air filter at least every three months, or more often if you have pets. This ensures that the air flowing into your home is not only clean, but it also keeps your HVAC system functioning at maximum efficiency. 

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Anything you can do to help your home stay cooler, even a little bit, means the AC does not need to be running as long for each cooling cycle.

Experiencing An AC Breakdown?

If you are seeing (and feeling) more than a few degrees temperature swing from what your thermostat is set at during these hot days and your system is blowing warm air, you could be experiencing an air conditioner break down.

Call the Pros at Pro-Tech HVAC Home!

If your air conditioning system just isn’t keeping you cool, contact us at Pro-Tech HVAC Home to fix your AC unit. One of our PROfessional TECHnicians will diagnose your problem and get your AC back to working condition so you can STAY COOL all Summer!

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