OPEN EVERY DAY: 8:30am - 6pm(240) 298-6521
OPEN EVERY DAY: 8:30am - 6pm(240) 298-6521
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Heating Tips
Let’s be honest here—air conditioning is a pretty important part of your life. Without air conditioning, we'd all be covered in sweat from June to August. Gross. But we don't often think about the units in our homes, offices and cars that make summer bearable. How much do you REALLY know about the system that...
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You may not know this, but for virtually every person in modern society, refrigerant touches your life nearly every day. That cold beverage from your refrigerator... the cool breeze from your home or car’s air conditioning vents... and even that warm air from your heat pump... all courtesy of refrigerant. Refrigerant has been a vital...
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HVAC Surge Protector annapolis
You plug your computer into a surge protector, but did you know your HVAC unit needs one, too? Small electrical surges happen all the time, and most often you won’t even know that it’s happening. An HVAC surge protector isn’t just a gimmick; it is a much-needed safeguard for your HVAC system. Household electronics like...
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Pro-Tech HVAC Home is your locally owned and operated HVAC contractor in Annapolis, specializing in AC repair services, replacements and preventative maintenance. When we’re faced with an air conditioning system that suddenly stops working, it’s always when it’s hot right?! We’re left with three options—get your AC repaired, get it replaced or sweat it out—and...
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It’s Summer, it’s HOT and we all want some relief when we walk into our homes. Not only do we want our air conditioning to be working in tip-top condition, but it’s important that it’s EFFICIENT. Do you feel like you’re paying more money every summer to cool your home? You’re not alone. Every year,...
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There’s nothing worse than trying to relax inside on a hot, Summer day and finding out that your air conditioning unit is blowing warm air. With Maryland temperatures in the 90’s and humidity at it’s highest during the peak of summer, having your A/C unit working in tip-top condition is a necessity.  It’s important to...
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It’s official…Summer is here and these toasty temps are here to stay! And what does that usually mean? It means we all want to be cool and comfortable when we’re chillin’ inside our home. It also means this is when your air conditioning will inevitably stop working…just when you need it the most! When your...
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Pro-Tech HVAC Home is your locally owned and operated HVAC contractor in Annapolis. Our team provides new installation, replacement, repairs and preventative maintenance of air conditioning systems throughout Annapolis and the surrounding communities. With more than 30 years of commercial and residential HVAC service experience, you can count on us for new AC installations that are...
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Choosing to replace your old air conditioning system is an important decision. Modern air conditioners can last upwards of fifteen years, especially when maintained properly, so it’s crucial you choose the correct unit for your home’s cooling needs. It’s not a decision that should be rushed. But if your older AC breaks down on a...
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Spring is finally here! With Summer just around the corner, your AC system will need a little TLC to ensure it efficiently cools your home in the hot Summer months to come. We encourage homeowners to follow this five step Spring air conditioning maintenance checklist to prepare your cooling system for the Summer heat!
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