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The HVAC industry is stuffed full of jargon and vocabulary unfamiliar to the average consumer. Without an understanding of key terms like AFUE and SEER, it is nearly impossible to make an educated, informed furnace or air conditioner purchase. To help you learn the lingo and gain a little insight into the industry we love, here is a thorough list of HVAC terms and definitions.
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The best way to size up your home’s heating and cooling needs before HVAC installation is via a Manual J Load Calculation. If you have no idea what this is or how it benefits your home, don’t worry. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the process and its impact on your home comfort.
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A home can have different types of heaters for their HVAC system, but today we’re focusing on the heat pump. This mix of snow, freezing rain, winds and fallen tree branches can do some damage! So while you’re out shoveling, don’t forget about your outdoor heat pump and the area around it! Here are a few tips on how we can keep your heat pump safe and...
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Keeping your home warm is an essential part of preserving a comfortable living environment, but it can also represent many hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and indoor air pollution.
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Air filters are a central, but often under-appreciated part of a central HVAC system. They don’t just filter out bits of pollen and dust that would otherwise circulate through the home and lower indoor air quality. They also provide a first line of defense against larger objects such as bits of loose insulation being pulled into the system where they could cause damage or present...
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