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Beware of the”$49 AC Tune-Up” Special” this Spring!


As Summer quickly approaches and HVAC maintenance coupons infiltrate mailboxes, homeowners start scheduling their AC tune-ups as quickly as possible! We’ve all seen commercials on TV or social media ads with low-cost offers for a Spring air conditioning tune-up, furnace check-up or a seasonal maintenance. A $49, $59 or even $69 tune-up may sound like a great deal that will save you money, but first, take a moment to understand the back story for such low offers.

The HVAC industry is home to many hardworking professionals who want to serve their customers well. Unfortunately, there are also those less-than-reputable “professionals” who cut corners or provide poor service.

If an HVAC company makes an offer that seems too good to be true, be on your guard: chances are there’s a catch to these deals that involves you buying something that you never intended to or don’t really need. And remember, that goes for any sort of HVAC repair or replacement too!

What’s Up With the Discounted Pricing?

A thorough preventative maintenance or “tune-up” as it’s marketed, typically takes 45 minutes to an hour for a professional HVAC technician to complete. A $49 fee doesn’t even cover the technician’s time for that appointment, much less the travel time and fuel expense (especially these days!).

Ask yourself: “Why would a professional HVAC company send a technician out for only $49 when they’re not making any money?”

Unscrupulous HVAC companies will attempt to generate more business by making “offers you cannot refuse” such as discounted services or products. Once they’ve gotten in the door, these unprofessional techs will take advantage of this time to sell you on other services, or mislead you on the condition of your unit to sell you more than you expected.

Typically the HVAC companies that market and offer these low seasonal tune-up prices are very large, multi-state companies whose technicians work on a commission basis. Meaning, they don’t get paid unless they FIND something wrong with your system that needs to be fixed. These companies can afford to offer such a low price because 1) they’re anticipating the tech will sell you on a more significant repair or upgrade or 2) they’ll be able to prematurely condemn your system and try to sell you on a VERY costly replacement system. 

Not every customer will fall for these tactics, but enough people will fall for it so that company can keep promoting their cheap tune-up special. 

At Pro-Tech HVAC Home, we charge $120 for a Spring AC Maintenance and follow a detailed 16-point check-up of your system to fully prepare it for the hotter months ahead. But even at this rate, we’re barely breaking even on these appointments. So why do we do it? Because we know how important preventative maintenance is for the longevity of your system and the overall comfort of your home. It’s that simple. We’re not paying commissioned technicians, we’re not giving bonuses when they add on additional repairs and most importantly, we always explain what we’re doing and educate our customers on what’s going on with their system.

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How Can I Avoid a Scam?

1. Do your research. Always do your research and go with a licensed, insured HVAC company. Go to their website, read online customer reviews and see if they have social media pages with images of installations and frequent updates. Most companies will have an occasional poor review; in the case of a poor review, note how the company responded and if they helped solve the issue.

2. Get estimates. If you see a “$49 tune-up special” from an HVAC company, contact other companies to get an estimate on what they charge for their preventative maintenances. Get estimates from several different HVAC companies on new installations or big repairs to determine if they’re within a reasonable range of each other. If someone is trying to overcharge you, it’ll be evident right away. 

3. Ask questions if something feels off. If your technician keeps adding on items or repairs that you haven’t approved, this is a big red flag. Before making any large repairs, ask the technician exactly what is wrong and what the cost is to fix it. Any large ticket items have to be approved by you before a technician moves forward. If you feel like something isn’t right during the repair process, tell the technician to stop and either call the main number for the company to voice your concerns, or tell them to leave. 

At Pro-Tech HVAC Home, we recommend that you use a company that’s established and charges a fair, affordable price for the professional HVAC services provided. And remember…if the price seems like it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

What Does AC Preventative Maintenance Typically Include?

During Spring AC Maintenance, Pro-Tech HVAC Home will perform the below services and ensure your system is up and running for those hot Summer months!  Our Spring AC Preventative Maintenance includes:

  • Inspect outdoor AC coil
  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Replace customer-supplied filters
  • Replace customer-supplied UV lights
  • Test temperature difference between return & supply
  • Check for correct airflow settings
  • Inspect evaporator coil and drain pan
  • Flush condensation drain to help protect against overflow
  • Inspect start & run capacitors, relays for bulges, rust & leaks
  • Check compressor & fan motor for proper amperage draw
  • Inspect fuses in high voltage disconnect
  • Test & inspect all wires & connections
  • Check blower motor & amperage draw
  • Check refrigerant level/pressure
  • Check capacitors for proper UF capacity

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We’re Here to Help!

We’re currently scheduling preventative maintenance appointments beginning in April. We need outdoor temperatures to stay around 60 degrees to perform all the proper steps during your maintenance. Contact us or request a time online today so we can get you on our schedule! We’ll make sure your system is running in tip-top shape to keep you COOL all Summer long! 

Pro-Tech HVAC Home is Your Top Rated Local HVAC Company!

When it comes to HVAC services, you need to work with a company with a stellar reputation for providing service that is guaranteed to solve your problems once and for all. As Annapolis’ Top Rated Local HVAC contractor, that’s what you get with Pro-Tech HVAC Home. Our customers rely on us for fast, friendly service at a fair price. Our #1 priority is keeping our Annapolis neighbors comfortable all year long!


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